Where to get affordable alcohol treatment?

One of the symptoms of addiction is the craving for alcohol. An otherwise rational, controlled individual is compelled to seek and drink alcohol. To feel good, to feel normal, the addict needs to use it. While there is an element of choice and personal responsibility attached to addiction, it is all too easy just to say the addict is addicted because they have a weak character.

Are you trying hard to get over from alcohol addiction, but your motivation is slipping? Well, if it’s moving and you find yourself either drinking, smoking pot, doing harder drugs, or indulging with prescription drug medications, brush yourself off and get your motivation back. Don’t beat yourself up. Just start a new resolution. It is the middle of the year, so don’t feel you have to fall back into drug abuse or alcohol addiction.


Most of the people don’t want to get alcohol recovery treatment because of the high price tag. However, it is difficult to get an affordable alcohol treatment option unless you have much self-control. To get succeeded in alcohol recovery without spending much, you can do the following things-

Make a specific goal. If you don’t have a general purpose, just really picture what you want. If you are cutting back on alcohol and have been able to use moderation in the past, then tell yourself you will not drink during the week and will only have 1-2 beers on the weekend.

If you know that you cannot do this due to the fact you drink too much and have never had self-control, then don’t try this. Instead, give yourself a different goal that you will not drink, and you will attend AA five times a week and call your sponsor. If you know that rehab is the best way for you to stop doing drugs or drinking, then look at a calendar and set it up. Make the call on Monday. Don’t put it off.

Visualize yourself thirty days from now going down the same path versus the new path. Really picture yourself in detail. Look at how your face will look without drinking or drugging. Think of your energy level. Think about what it will be like to not be avoiding people, making up lies, living in denial, or saying things to avoid being confronted.

Ok, how do you get your motivation back now that the company has gone, the winter is cold with storms, the boss is annoying, the family may be making demands on you, and you are stressing out once again? In that case, you have to go through the complete inpatient alcohol recovery process, which is costly.