Is it healthy to play games while walking on a treadmill?

I know many of you are going to say “yes and I have been doing this for years”. Well, as a fitness expert or is it a game designer? (lol), let me tell you this.

If you don’t play games while walking on a treadmill then what are you even buying that stupid treadmill for? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Jokes apart, If I am talking about something which has not been done before then surely there must be something interesting about it. Seriously though I had never done something like this but thought why not give it a try.

Advantages of playing games while walking on a treadmill

There are certain advantages of playing games while walking on a treadmill that you must consider.

  1. Treadmill is boring, playing games while walking on a treadmill makes it interesting. Once you start playing the game your brain starts thinking about the game, thus making the physical exercise more enjoyable as well.
  2. You tend to walk faster whenever you are chasing something, that’s how our instinct works right? So when you play games while walking on a treadmill then there might be a slight increase in speed just because of this factor alone.
  3. For me this was the most important benefit I gained from doing such kinds of workouts; With games like “Farmville” and “hayday”, you can actually indulge in some meaningful exercise instead of having fun with pointless tasks (for example going around collecting apples). Injustice has never been so much fun. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. Scrolling through pages on your Facebook account will help you burn some calories as well since you are moving your wrist quite frequently throughout this task. Thus making it one of the best ways to lose weight without even being FAT!
  5. Just in case you are still not convinced whether it is good for your health or not then let me tell you this, I have been doing such kinds of workouts for quite some time now and am loving every moment of it. One thing which has changed drastically in my routine is that now I am walking 2-3 times more than the usual rate at which I used to walk before exercising while playing games on a treadmill. So what do you think about playing games while walking on a treadmill? Does it sound interesting or just plain retarded? Who knows if this might be the next big thing? ๐Ÿ˜‰ The best treadmill under $500 are available in the market.

Disadvantages of playing games while walking on a treadmill

There are also certain disadvantages of playing games while walking on a treadmill that you must be aware of.

  1. Your brain is preoccupied with the game, thus it is difficult to do any kind of contemplation or visualization when you are actually engaged in this kind of workout which otherwise can help a lot in terms of losing weight and building muscles faster.ย  I am not saying that your brain totally stops working but there is definitely some effect that prevents your mind from being as effective as it normally would have been if we were doing normal physical exercises without any distraction (like listening to music for example).
  2. You might get hurt if you were to trip or something while playing the game while walking on a treadmill. Beware of this fact and be careful about how much you are doing at one go. You should definitely plan out what intensity level you want to achieve so that any mishap doesn’t turn into a disaster.
  3. In case of any mishap, you might also hurt others who might be standing behind or near to you; Therefore, it is always advisable that if you are going to start a new exercise regime then please give it enough time and space so that all the risks can be well managed.


If I were to conclude this topic then it would definitely mean that there are many fitness benefits in doing such kinds of workouts especially for those who find treadmills boring; I personally feel that half an hour’s workout while playing a game (which would otherwise have taken 15 minutes) results in more effective muscle building or fat burning than what we get out of treadmills without any games.

The results might not be immediate but it is surely a good addition to our exercise regimes and it will take only 30 minutes of your time.