How to improve your swing while golfing?

The best way to fly the ball is to hit it in the sweet spot of the golf club. With two additional golf balls, you can easily control if that’s the case. Place your racket centered on the ball. Now put a ball to the left and a ball to the right of the clubhead – about a finger’s width away. Look here how you can improve your swing.

Impact moment Exercise

One ball on the left, one on the right – one finger away from the club head. If you hit the ball in the middle without touching the other two balls, you have come to the middle of the ball.

Watch your swing plane

You have followed tip number 8 and after your stroke is almost always just a ball on the mat? Then it’s probably pretty big that you make one of the following mistakes. Too steep turns are more likely to hit with the tip (right ball), too flat with the hack of the racket (left ball).

Option 1: You swing too steep

If you only work with the arms in the swing and do not shoulder turn, swinging too steep. Try to actively turn your shoulders.

Option 2: You swing too flat

Your swing is too flat when your arms follow the shoulder spin. Try to move your arms up when you turn your shoulders.

Have a clear swing idea

For a start, you should have a very clear swing idea. In the upswing this is:

Turn your shoulders as you swing the bat up with your arms.

In the downswing, you should then swing down the bat on the same level you hit.

Even if it itches in your fingers. Leave the driver aside for now. At least if you have the goal to achieve learning success.

If you follow my tips, you can step by step to the somewhat longer iron, hybrid or fairway woods. But always remember to increase the difficulty level only when you have reached the goal of each level.