Natural care of teak patio furniture

Once you have decided on teak wood, care and cleaning are extremely easy for outdoor furniture Houston. First and foremost, you should decide whether or not you want your furniture to turn grey. As soon as teak is exposed to the weather, the so-called greying process begins, and the wood slowly gains a silver-grey patina. Depending on weather conditions, this natural process of greying can become visible within a few weeks. But if it is particularly dry and little rain falls on the furniture, then this color change occurs slowly and can take quite a few months.

This process is caused by the substance lignin embedded in the cell walls. This is responsible for the color of the wood but decomposes with increasing UV radiation. Lignin dissolves from the topmost layer of timber due to the UV radiation and is washed out of the wood by the rain. What remains is the silvery-white cellulose. The teak is grey.

So, how do you maintain the honey-brown color of teak?

You can counteract this color change by oiling the garden furniture immediately after purchase. However, the dense structure of the teak prevents the deep penetration of the oil, and therefore it is washed out by the rain again. In order to maintain the honey-brown color so permanently, it must be oiled here regularly.

What to look for when using teak oil?

1. Create the right work environment. Use a masking cloth, protective gloves and work clothes

2. Clean the dry, oiled surface with a brush of dirt and dust

3. Apply the teak oil sparingly with a brush along the wood grain and let it dry for twelve hours

When buying the oil, pay attention to a high-quality product. High-quality teak oils penetrate deeper into the wood, and you do not have to oil so often. If water stains can no longer be removed with mild soapy water, this is an indication that the oil content in the wood, which protects the wood from penetrating water, is too low. Then it is time to oil again.

For the quality and care of your teak furniture, it does not matter if you oil or not. The inherently high oil content gives wood all the attention it needs. Also, the silver-grey patina is very popular with many teak furniture owners, as it underlines the consistent character of the wood.

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