Modern Geology News

For those who do not know, congratulations on your research grants. The first one was an incentive grant, and the second was a tax credit. In addition to the tax credit, I think you should be proud of yourselves for getting this research money, which is given out by government agencies such as the Interior …

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What Can I Do With A Bachelor Of Geology Degree?

Jobs you could get with a Geology degree are with many different disciplines of specialty including hydrogeologists, geophysicists, geoscientists, petroleum geochemists, hydrologists, mineral geologists and physical scientists. If you are interested in getting into the sciences then you should consider a graduate degree in Geology. This is not an easy degree to get, however. You …

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Geology Careers Information

Geology career can be an interesting and fulfilling career choice. A Geologist studies the solid, semi-solid, and liquid matter which make up the Earth and all other terrestrial planets and bodies, and the processes which shape them. Geologists typically study geology, but other educational backgrounds in chemistry, biology, physics, and others are also helpful. The …

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